Now Google Play requires you to remove the application of unused

الآن قوقل بلاي يقترح عليك إزالة التطبيقات الغير مُستخدمة

If you are someone active in downloading apps from the store Google Play, with the passage of time you will have a wide assortment of applications, and it is likely that you have a good reason to install them at that time, however in your day that are you need this app or that app? The highly anticipated that the answer would be no, and this is what Nelson already in the valley, where with the passage of days condone the use of a bouquet of applications.

Now, he began to shop Google Play to tell you or approach you have to abandon the application of gas, which has become unnecessary, where I saw many of the Android users, a notification from the App Store, reminding them to dispose of the application of the gas level.

Once clicking on this notice, have been transferred to the page with the app to uninstall it, and from there you can click again to get a list of apps that you haven’t used recently, and each application of the increase it will give you the store storage space that was occupied by.

Finally, this update appears server-side, therefore we can see available to everyone over the next few days or weeks, it is also possible that we don’t see again, it is not strange to see new additions to the store, and removed shortly after.

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