Now Google provides search results page on the phone with a new design

Revealed the search giant today announced a new design for a page of search results on smart phones, where you can google the old design of the search results page that comes with the title and then the link, to come design the new brand for the site front and center, with the aim of supporting users to optimize.

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Like Google in guiding the users optimally in the quick access to the topic search, so I started to push the new design of the search results page support to show the results of the search efficiently for customers faster through to show the brand of the site in the beginning and middle of search results, to guide the user more accurately.

Confirm Google that this new design bridging the users in a better understanding of the presence information and search your more search.

Also the results of the search appear in the former in blue, and then followed by the location of the diffuser in green by the characteristic small size, while a link to the publisher in the new design of the search results page with a small icon at the beginning, and then followed by the results of the search, which pay the publisher to excellence in the search results.

It also features a new design of the search results page to change the way ads display on the search results page, where the Featured Article display on the previous line in green in the window appear at the bottom of the search results, while showing the article display now in the new design, clear handwriting in black supports the user in the Access Point information faster.


I know of

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