Now graphics cards GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER and 2070 SUPER new in all over the world

Available now graphics cards GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER and GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER new in all over the world. It’s faster by up to 25% in games compared to graphics cards of the previous, and with the many versions available custom from partners such as ASUS and Colorful and EVGA and Gainward, Galaxy and Gigabyte and Innovision 3D, MSI and Palit, and PNY and Zotac, you will be able to find on a card the SUPER is appropriate for your budget, needs and aesthetic tastes.

Models are widely available today from retail sites and retail shops leading, versions are available for edition on the site also.

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Don’t forget, all the cards in the RTX comes with a copy of my game, CONTROL AND WOLFENSTEIN: YOUNGBLOOD, the game two to support the technique of tracking Rays in real time and you will benefit fully from the performance and features of the cards screen RTX SUPER super new. In addition, it was also to extend the bandwidth to the cards screen RTX other, including desktops and laptops-based RTX from our partners all over the world, are also eligible for this offer.

Update Driver GAME READY DRIVER offers additional improvements to performance Me DX12

Also released a NVIDIA driver update GAME READY DRIVER new provides you a fantastic feature evolution performance versions of DirectX 12 in the Metro Exodus, The Strange Brigade, Tom Clancy 2 for more details on how to improve these titles DX12 with the passage of time through the

Adds update this driver also support for GPU GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER and GeForce 2070 Super Graphic , in addition to the 3 display screens compatible with G-SYNC ( LG 34GL750 , theHP 25mx, and the HP Omen X 25f ).

NVIDIA FRAMEVIEW now available in general

Today also marks the launch of NVIDIA FrameView , in our application to measure performance and energy. Graphics cards are an investment are purchased on the promise to provide excellent performance in the category of that card for a period of not less than two to 3 years. So it is important that the criteria for these cards are accurate and cover all the bases, which knows the rates of frames times the frame energy use and performance per watt and more.

Until now, did not provide any tool or application one of these results precisely, this is why we have created a FrameView, which is applied to measure the all-in-one everyone can download and use for free.

Can FrameView capture data from all the APIs the main and all the games almost thanks applications support DirectX 9, 10, 11, 12 and OpenGL and Vulkan and Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

No effect little light on performance during the measurement, which allows you to compact arrangement of its own performance and statistics during the game play, it is also available to vendors also, allowing the collection of detailed data and compared. One exception: the reports API power consumption card screen of AMD in the interval was a value between the power chip and the motherboard, instead of the real values. So you should contact AMD and ask them to provide accurate results in the application programming interface API.

In short, if you want to display or collect data for the performance of the GPU in real-time power data in the games, the FrameView offers more than that with a high degree of precision compared to many of the tools and other methods, which makes its application to fast to measure performance.

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