Now H Mi Smart of Shawnee supports the iOS platform

The company announced the Shawty today by support hours by smart Mi contact with iOS in a new update of the software which was launched by the company recently.

The company launched the Shao is my first update for the software hours smart-Mi, who comes to significant improvements to users, which comes in the head to support the iOS platform.

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It also comes support to the H Mi smartphone for iOS in conjunction with the launch of the Shawnee to develop Wear for users of the iOS platform, and have confirmed Shao that the software update will be available to users through OTA, where it begins to push the software update starting today, December 3 in China.

It is scheduled to come update the new software also for Mi smart improvements in the process of pairing perform quick, with addressing the problem of freezing that have been spotted over some users when setting up the smart watch for the first time.

Also scheduled that working software update to address the problem of notifications to the application for Xiaomi Wear, with a processing accuracy of the weather information that appears automatically according to the site.


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