Now in Egypt, Nokia phone Nokia 6.1 Plus the benefits of cutting-edge imaging

The company announced the HMD world, the company is the developer for Nokia phones Nokia, today announced the availability of the smartphone Nokia 6.1 Plus Nokia 6.1 Plus in Egypt.

The smart phone comes with modern design immersive for the integrated company. As the material providing the advantages of creating smart content smart story telling, to the side of the screen is ideal for watching videos and messaging friends and follow the news on social media, thus helps Nokia phone 6.1 Plus users to share the story in a superior manner. Nokia is considered 6.1 Plus part of the family of the Android operating system Wen-Android One within the Nokia smartphones.

On this occasion, in a press statement, he commented Tamer Friday, the general manager of the HMD of Egypt: “fan of Nokia Phones Price in Egypt care about two things indispensable in smartphones, “education without borders, and design excellence”. Drawing inspiration from the success of our previous Nokia phones (Nokia 6)Nokia (Nokia 6.1) in the Egyptian market, we decided to repeat it, we are happy that we give the user experience a priority again and move the device using our permanent. It also features Nokia phone Nokia 6.1 Plus the strength that enables the user to interact with any content or games phone without having to make any concessions. However, under the thinnest the company will sell all contents smoother and sharper which makes the interactive experience a series without any impediment.”

Screen design integrated premium performance

The design follows the highest standards of quality expected from Nokia smartphones, the Nokia 6.1 Plus (Nokia 6.1 Plus) an amazing viewing experience with large screen and design of the smart phone the biggest, thanks to its screen that comes with a height of 19:9. It also provides Screen High Resolution Full +HD that come in 5.8-inch and a 19:9 and color by 96% vivid viewing experience, making the Nokia 6.1 Plus (Nokia 6.1 Plus) smart phone optimized shopping experiences, review the content of unmatched.

The manufacturing of this smart phone in accordance with the highest standards expected of a Nokia phone, so the front of the curved surface is a luxurious phone Nokia 6.1 Plus comes packaged by Gorilla Glass with Corning Gorilla to provide comfort while carrying it on the hand.

Not only the elegant appearance, where the smartphone is the mobile home a modern Qualcomm Snapdragon 636, the fastest of 40% from its predecessor, which makes the smart phone is the best in relation to the country direct, electronic games on the internet.

Furthermore, the provided product drawings are the first in their class with unmatched performance in electronic games as well as the efficiency of the battery is high, and thus you can enjoy videos, images, and for longer periods. And all these advantages are amazing along with gear enhanced port fast charging USB Type-C, will enable you to create and edit content and do multiple tasks easily, without having to worry about the battery if it was going to study all day.

Create powerful content to share your stories

Put your smartphone 6.1 Plus (Nokia 6.1 Plus) the advantages of cutting-edge imaging between the user’s hand, to enhance the 16MP rear camera/5MP with twin sensor to provide a fairly high detail images, can also impart life to images with the HDR feature which provides vibrant and in tune Better, which creates a sense of greater depth to health. As the sensor rear of the depth, the user can capture a photo professional using a property blurbokeh, which can be exposed even after the image capture.

Pictures full of precise details or selfies HD was the right way with the front camera 16MP balanced, and with a #Bothie with the improvements of artificial intelligence on the cameras during the same time, this property is considered is the first of its kind to be available on Nokia smartphones.

Use the advantage of Dual-Sight innovative to do a search through the #Bothies directly on social media to share my side of the story through the moment. Uses Nokia phone 6.1 Plus (Nokia 6.1 Plus) improvements to artificial intelligence AI to bring life to your stories by using the filters the water and the characters three-dimensional, in addition to lighting personal photos that give lighting effects a stunning photo.

Experiences of Android and pure, safe, and keep abreast of the latest updates

Depends smartphone the Nokia 6.1 Plus (Nokia 6.1 Plus) part of the family of Nokia phones that are running Android Wen Android One, so it provides experiences Google Googleالذكية safe and dramatically, as it will keep abreast of the latest updates over the course of 3 years via payment of security updates a month, this coupled with two years of guaranteed updates OS operating system after the launch of the device.

As is the case for all Nokia smartphones running on Android Wen Android One, they provide longer battery life and storage capacity of an additional, thanks to the limited number of preloaded apps in the phone. As you will get the best what can be offered by a smart phone, with the latest services from Google, such as Gmail, Google Assistant, Google Voice, and Google Photos which provides storage capacity is not limited to health high quality.

It also will enable you to misandry Oreo out of the بوكسAndroid OreoTM out of the box to enjoy the latest features that include lens جوجلGoogle Lens and a picture-in-Picture picture-in-pictureلتعدد important advantage of the Instant Play Google Play Instantلاستكشاف run applications that provided less friction, coupled with the advantages of saving battery power which includes the applications running in the background. It is also ready for Android Pie.

Price of Nokia phone Nokia 6.1 Plus

Comes Nokia phone 6.1 Plus Nokia 6.1 Plus Three color options namely, black glossy, white glossy, blue glossy dark, which is currently available in all markets affected the starting price of 4,999 pounds.

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