Now iOS 12 is available to users with a range of new features

This theme now iOS 12 is available to users with a range of new features appeared on Engadget.

The company launched the Apple officially new version of the iOS operating system 12, which comes with a bunch of nurses we use in the following lines.

iOS 12

Expired Apple recently from the development of the new version iOS 12, which has already become available for users of devices iPhone, iPad along with iPod touch.

Scheduled to be available the new version of the operating system to existing devices that are running iOS 11, along with the new hardware of iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2 and iPod touch.

Comes version main iOS 12, to to users of old hardware, improvements in performance when you start opening the keyboard, or in the case of share deals, and also improvements when taking pictures.

Also this is the first release on the Add feature Screen Time, where could this water that supports the user in identifying and managing the time it takes for the comments, it is one of the most important features in this update.

Notifications are also one of the nurses that have been upgraded in the iOS 12, where the feature do not disturb in this version with the intelligent support of the user are more flexible.

Performance in iOS 12

Show the efficiency and features of iOS 12 in modern devices, this version on the biggest improvement in the performance of new devices, it also supports devices following features.

  • Supports devices perform in response to more speed.
  • Supports many versions of the hardware performance is better starting from iPhone 5s and even iPad Air.
  • The launch of the rapid development of the cable car perform better by 70%, with a quick launch keyboard by 50% with the fast response of the keys.
  • Launch the app and perform quick and multipliers compared to the previous version especially when compression loading in the devices.
Photos in iOS 12

Among the possible provided by the iOS version of 12 new devices in the photo, where you can now re-explore the pictures in the photo library more smoothly, with a fast technique to participate.

  • A new tab in the image of the country and explore fast image in the library, along with proposals in the pictures, effects.
  • Choice problems new smart technology supports you in the suggestion to share photos taken at the event, with the people in the pictures.
  • Suggestions support you in the quick search for images.
  • The ability to search for photos according to where you took the photo, the title of the event or work with the intelligent technology to support the user.
  • Application update camera unlock more speed with the status of the audit of the largest and fast Health.
  • Support of RAW mode in the photo
Camera in iOS 12
  • Besides all the fast camera was updated to put the Portrait in photography, with more precise details between the subject and the background especially when you use effects Stage Light وStage Light Mono.
  • Focus on the feature of Scan QR codes smoothly under the camera.
Messages in iOS 12

If you’re a fan of Memoji, you can enjoy a range of Memoji new and customizable to be your messages fun and more enjoyable.

  • Animoji includes ghosts, koalas, tiger, dinosaur T-Rex
  • You can also be in Memoji and also Animoji train her to sing or do the movements again.
  • Effects new camera bring Animoji, the filters, effects writing.
  • The return of the stickers iMessage again.
  • Forms of Health that you meet in the messages.
  • Registration Animoji can be up now to 30 seconds.
Screen Time in iOS 12

The user can in these areas to realize fully the time spent on applications, it can also get the advantage of time management and to control it more efficiently.

  • Reveal this property about the time spent in the application category of the applications used.
  • Also reveal water on the notifications received, how to manage these notifications.
  • The advantage of the App limits that support the user in determining the time for children, for example, to use an app or browse websites.
Feature do not disturb in iOS 12
  • The user can adjust the calendar, time to the side of the site to this property to automatically activate Do Not Disturb when you sleep for example, where the stop notifications in the screen.
  • Intelligent management of notifications working on a collection of notifications received from the same application in one place to support the user.
  • The possibility to adjust the notifications settings via the screen in the closed position directly.
  • Fast manage with the choice to put the quiet when to receive notifications and transfer them directly to the center of notifications.
Shortcuts for Siri in iOS 12

You can enjoy shortcuts to the new Assistant virtual Siri, which will you perform the fast in applications, where the work now better with the app.

  • The possibility to adjust the Siri to work with app by adding a button for Siri in apps that support the plugin default.
  • New proposals from Siri its appear in screen lock and.
  • Faster performance to support the user with information exclusive for auto racing, results, calendar of races, such as Formula 1, NASCAR with, and the Indy 500 to the side of MotoGP.
  • Support the user in search of your photos to a specific time, or location, people, topic, or journey or any images associated with or commemorating specific.
  • Translation of phrases for over 40 languages.
  • Information about celebrities.
  • Close or open the lamp.
AR technology in iOS 12

Augmented reality technology is also one of the distinctive features of this iOS version 12, where developers can now invent a new technique in augmented reality and share them also.

Raising the efficiency of privacy and security in iOS 12

How come this version perform better in protecting the privacy of the user particularly when the user tracking on the internet.


This theme now iOS 12 is available to users with a range of new features appeared on Engadget.

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