Now officially. Microsoft has added Bitcoin to the currency list within the Excel

It seems Bitcoin really goes mainstream. Now the symbol of the first cryptocurrencies in the list of the currencies in the spreadsheet program Excel. There are a number of obstacles that must be overcome for mass adoption. However, Bitcoin already has come a long way.

News from Microsoft is another huge step for cryptocurrencies on the path to world recognition. About cryptocurrency already learned quite a lot of people thanks to Starbucks. Although support is not yet implemented we at least officially promised her. An often overlooked film with Kurt Russell, but he also left an indelible impression on the public.

Microsoft loves the cryptocurrency

Certainly, Microsoft has long has some of his corporate views on cryptoprocessor. The Corporation in 2017 the beginning of the implementation of the strategy for development of the blockchain. Not so long ago the company also became a partner in the transition of several luxury brands to the technology of the blockchain.

If you go into details, but now the company is working on a system of digital identification is based on the Bitcoin blockchain. In addition, it invests in the futures trading platform Bakkt.

The bitcoin community does not like Microsoft

Source: Microsoft

Of course, the cryptocurrency community has a healthy skepticism when it comes to Microsoft. Because the company has a considerable track record , “the introduction of popular new” technologies. As a rule, the situation is developing as follows:

  1. technology is becoming popular;
  2. Microsoft complains that no thought of this technology first;
  3. the company tried unsuccessfully to buy the technology;
  4. creates its own dubious version of the technology;
  5. poorly implemented version becomes the industry standard.

Now exactly clear why cryptologist fears Microsoft’s interest in cryptocurrency and the blockchain. I hope the simple addition of the currency symbol in the software is not crippled an entire industry.

Have you already tried the updated Excel with the added symbol of Bitcoin? To share experience obtained in our cryptodata of hontarov.

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