Now program Apple to fix the keyboard butterfly includes devices MacBook Pro 2018 وMacBook Air

The company announced the Apple announced the expansion of the reform program keyboard butterfly to all of the devices MacBook Pro 2018 وMacBook Air Current, Offering Apple a new material used by the company in the design of a hardware keyboard MacBook Pro that was announced recently.

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The company received the Apple a lot of complaints from users of devices MacBook possible keyboard butterfly 2018, so the company launched the Apple program to fix problems and defects that appear in devices, it also announced the expansion of the program today to include all of the devices MacBook Pro 2018 وMacBook Air current.

It is planned to offer Apple in the process of reform the second generation of the keyboard butterfly, which features new material will be offered to address the problems that came in previous versions according to the statements Apple, where the new article to address the problem of double-clicking on the keys or the keys missing when you click, as I began to Apple also a program to fix the backlight problem in the screen of devices MacBook Pro.

The report from Wall Street that Apple has not provided many details about the material used in the manufacture of the new generation of keyboard butterfly which recently made in the organs of the MacBook Pro is possible with a processor eight nuclei.

From another side confirmed the Apple that all the computers Mac of the mobile actor with the keys to the butterfly will be eligible for the program Apple fix processing keyboard, where the program supports the maintenance of these devices for a period of 4 years from the date of purchase.


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