Now service streaming movies and TV shows free MX Player up 7 new countries

Launched the organizers behind the application MX Player streaming service free for more the state.

الآن خدمة بث الأفلام والبرامج التلفزيونية المجانية من MX Player متاحة في 7 دول جديدةNow service streaming movies and TV shows free MXPlayer is available in 7 new states

Most of us are aware of the player MX Player which is one of the best in his field, where his ability to handle any format or codec or bit rate, or an extension to, and what you missed here is that the inquiry also has a service to offer movies and TV shows on demand, which was available exclusively in the state of India, and now this service is available on a larger scale, the flow in the current time 7 new states as follows:

  • The United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • Canada
  • Nepal
  • New Zealand

Therefore, if you have applied MX Player installed on your phone and in one of these states, you won’t need to do something, being that the update of the server-side, and must move with the interface of the application on their own to destroy the symbol of new broadcast for you to enjoy movies and programmes provided by the service.

More worthy to refer here, you should not expect to find on a lot of movies or new shows, where most of the titles a bit old, however, the service is completely free, finally, after this expansion, he hopes organizers behind the application MX Player in the entry for more other markets on the head the Arab world.


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