Now the application of Google image will tell you the photos and videos that are not backed up

الآن تطبيق صور قوقل سيُخبِرُكَ بالصور والفيديو التي لم يتم نسخها احتياطيًا

Almost a year ago, was the application of the photo Google index the images and videos in the gallery application, through it the user knows that these files have been backup or not, but with app updates was to get rid of this indicator, but the team work of the application may overlap error removal, to run the job, but wider.

In this context, referring Google :”we put forward a new presentation of the Institute in order to help you to find out your photos, videos that are not backed up to select items in advance to keep backup copies of them, in addition, we have introduced several improvements to become the app is compatible with devices folding”.

Therefore this add-on will be necessary for users who have not enabled automatic backup to them and they can never know what is loaded and what is not loaded, or those who do not have the slightest idea about any element of the process of women don’t.

Finally, in spite of the update Google record of “change” application on the Play Store, only that the water is not running yet, this is not the first in which the team app records the change before the start of the water users, but make sure that the update and this will reach you if not today then tomorrow.

Download update Google image from here.

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