Now transfers the encrypted files Firefox Send is available for free to all users

Began service Mozilla that know بFirefox Send for the first time in 2017 as a pilot allows users to transfer encrypted files with a capacity of up to 2.5 GB, and today this service has become available to all users for free.

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Service Firefox Send is a free service exclusive to Mozilla, it allows users to transfer encrypted files on the internet, where users can transfer files with size up to 2.5 GB.

And services Mozilla for other services available on the internet, where the care service Firefox Send to protecting users initially, as offering the highest level of to encrypt files end-to-end, which supports users in sending files is super important that you choose to securities or reports of work.

Comes service now free for all users particularly possible files large up to 1 GB, users can also register and open an account in the service to support sending files up to a size of 2.5 GB.

It also comes services Firefox Send tools series to allow users to specify the number of times to download the files before damaging the expiration of the file, the users can also define the duration of The provide a download link to the recipient and add password also to protect the files.


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