Now Twitter lets your visitors subscribe to live video streaming and

Announced Twitter for a new feature added to the platform on my iOS slander, where it allows the involvement of visitors in the broadcast user live video, to bring the interactive experience allows the user to better recognize its follow-up or reply to their questions.

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Like the water which came from Brazil during the month of February, the company announced Twitter today about bringing a new addition to feature live video streaming, where guests and visitors to the live broadcast subscribe to broadcast live, through the contact of the user in the voice call in the app during the broadcast, which invites the user to experience the best in answering questions see or interact with them better.

The company Twitter subscription number three of the visitors and guests of the live voice with the user, it also brings Twitter to this water after it has achieved the spread in the global scope via the Parthenon, so offered by Twitter Inc. also see the application on my platform Andorid and iOS, to allow users to learn to follow them and interact with them better, to be the earliest talk shows, and live performances.


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