Now users can iPad browser experience Opera Touch

الآن يمكن لمستخدمي أجهزة الآيباد تجربة متصفّح Opera Touch

In a step forward, announced the opera company for the availability of Browser its Opera Touch users iPad, having launched on iPhone in October of last year, moreover and with this all added the feature of “private browsing” on iOS, thus becoming water now available on both Android and iOS.

For those who don’t know the attributes of this browser, has announced Oprah in April of last year, where he can sync with the browser Opera on your computer without setting up a password or login, and its design and use “one hand” with interfaces based on gestures, it will become the button “quick measure” pontoon at the bottom of the screen to access quick and easy access to the menu where you can switch between tabs and do a quick search and navigate through web pages simply by scrolling fast.

As for the new feature is private browsing, in short highly is a feature that gives you more privacy while browsing as and saves a log or cookies, when you enable this mode from the menu will turn the background to black color, and when finished browsing in private mode and leave it, your browser will ask whether you want to keep tabs your next round of private browsing or not.

Finally to experience browser Opera Touch you can download it for free and in full, visit his official page on the App Store from here.

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