Now we know how will the new OnePlus 7

Yesterday, one of likstanov published in his Twitter account the image of the OnePlus 7, the upcoming flagship OnePlus. Judging by this picture it could be assumed that the novelty will have a form factor of a slider, as the screen occupies almost the entire front surface of the device and locations for the front camera does not remain.

A few hours later, Lister published another photo on his account and for this photo, it became clear that OnePlus will be 7 form factor monoblock, the front camera will be hidden in the body of the device and to go to him in the time of need. Similar design we have seen in last year’s NEX Vivo and there it was implemented well, except that extracting the camera from the case required some time. I hope that the new OnePlus 7 on this point will pokerpac and everything will work much faster.

In General, the company OnePlus is known that borrows the design from the company OPPO. For example, OnePlus 6 was the same little “unibrow”, as OPPO R15 Plus and the OnePlus 6T at the top of the screen was a small keyhole, as OPPO R17 Pro. Thus, it is possible with high probability to say that OnePlus 7 will be the same edge-to-edge screen and slide-out camera, like the upcoming debut in China OPPO R19 Pro.

We also know that at the upcoming MWC 2019 the company OnePlus is going to show your 5G-smartphone. From this it is possible that the device in the image above is the same 5G-smartphone from OnePlus, or 5G smartphone which will show at MWC 2019 will be pumped version of the OnePlus 7 with the leaked photos.

What do you think about the new OnePlus 7? Do you like this frameless design and retractable selfie camera?

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