Now you can browse all your contacts in Android Auto

At the beginning of the appearance of system Android Auto to your car, sought Google to have its system work and common driver at the same time, but it began to add some of the advantages that may be derived] mind to the driver and to interact with the screen significantly while driving.

In the past month has added Google to its Android Auto feature “Swipe up to unlock” or scroll to open, so the driver can access more powers within the phone without having to him, and now has added a Google feature to show all the contacts available in the phone via the Android Auto, where he was in the arena you can only access contacts that are starred or via call modern, or via the assistant Google personal Google Assistant.

But now you will be able to access all the contacts through the phone app on the screen, but will the system whether the vehicle is moving or not, when the car is in motion which means you will be browsing the contacts is limited to the transfer of certain only to reverse it when the car is parked so as to protect from deformation.


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