Now you can control to stop data recording at Siri in the demo version of iOS 13.2

Comes the demo version of the iOS update 13.2 to support the user’s Privacy better by selecting new enables users to stop recording their data in the assistant Siri digital.

The company faced Apple a lot of criticism about the recording of user data in the assistant Siri digital by a special group of employees of the company, which exposes users to the risk of leaking personal and private information to them, and at the time that confirmed the Apple that this procedure is to improve the user experience, however the company soon offer a choice for in which data is recorded in the her digital.

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Comes the demo version of iOS 13.2 to stop users choosing to data management, virtual assistant Siri digital, including settings in the update of new tools to come in the tab titled “improve Siri Dictation”, which is your tab storing user data in servers Apple.

On the other hand, will have the user choose in the Settings tab, in the ‘Siri & Search” is “Delete Siri & Dictation” which will delete the data collected through the assistant Siri digital phone user fully, which will lead to a reset of the digital assistant from new, with a digital assistant to record the interactions and data from new when you start to use.

Recall that the control feature in the recording of the Siri data come in the demo version of the iOS update to 13.2 but it won’t be available in all phones, the iPhone at the moment, but with the commencement of the payment of the fixed version of system update will be available water for all users.


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