Now you can document the expense of Google on iOS over Android phone

With the passage of years became way Two-Step Verification is more prevalent among the users as a result of facilitating its use, and today became available on Apple devices also so that is to use the Android phone as a real device confirms the identity of its owner.

In April past, Google has launched a new expansion allows users to set the Android phones to document their accounts and include Windows 10 systems Chrome and Mac, but today it supports even iOS.

But as a result of the restrictions imposed by Apple in iOS, there is little difference in the mechanism of action, instead of using the Chrome browser to communicate with the device ( as is the case with the PC) it is working through the application of Smart Lock your Google and on iOS.

After setting up the service properly by activating two-step verification and download the aforementioned app, when you want to login to Google via a device running iOS the app will communicate with the Android phone surroundings through Bluetooth and show popup message to confirm the identity.

This is useful particularly if you have iPad running iOS and want to make your Android phone confirms your identity as a layer of additional protection, because it is of course not expected you to have two phones iPhone and Android is the probability is very small.

This feature became available today gradually all owners of accounts Google.

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