Now you can download a copy of your publications on Instagram


You can now download your Instagram data. Here’s how

Two weeks ago we talked about a new feature coming to Instagram will be under her service for users to download a copy of all the content that preceded them and published them of images, videos, and other data, now water has become available on the website insert being provided within their application on the Android and iOS via the settings within the options privacy and security.

Across this page from the website of Instagram after logging in to your account – you can put your e-mail to send a copy of your data which includes photos and videos, comments and statements of account personal and other.

The process may take some time for you a message from Instagram with a maximum of two days depending on the size of the content which was published by the pressure on the service.

Of course, come in response to Instagram for this thing after questioning Mark Zuckerberg by the U.S. Congress and is a feature that ensures more control to the user on its own content.

Provide Facebook years ago the same water so that you can get a copy of all your data published on the social network.

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