Now you can order taxis from the roads and Transport Authority in Dubai through cream

Today announced that cream announced the launch of a new service called “Do” which will allow users to request taxis in a new way through the application of the cream.

The new service will allow citizens in Dubai ordering a taxi from the policy of RTA to RTA directly through the cream which will result in wider options for the use of the application transport.

Good to see collaborations between the private sector -a cream – and between governments, that after the company acquired the Uber cream a few months ago.

Expected that the service will be fully available in Dubai during the month of September with over two thousand cars is also expected that the service will be more effective than services usual cream because the period that will have the user wait for it will be less so to the availability of the policies of the RTA in all over the place.

Source: Twitter (My Account Hala and Careem)

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