Now you can send “stickers” to your friends on WhatsApp. I know how to use

It’s hard to imagine the chat application of months globally, “Whatsapp” WhatsApp to the possibility of sending stickers “sticker” so far, so I will be pleased many the declaration of WhatsApp and arrival of that water to their application, whether on iOS or Android, very soon, assured some users that the water has become already available with the latest update for the application.

As a system for sending stickers in Facebook Facebook, A the royal to develop WhatsApp, entry to the list Store via the icon featured in the text box in the app, but you first have to download the list that you want before you use their content.

For a start, the application WhatsApp Stickers “sticker” of the creativity of the designer, but it also opens the possibility of using posters of any application published on the Google Store (Google Play) or Apple Store (App Store), as published site WhatsApp guide for how to design a sticker suitable for application.

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