Now you can view the podcast in the search results on the iOS platform and browser

Enable Google Now feature to view the podcast in the search results directly on the browser and on the iOS platform, where it will show all the podcast available on the Google platform.

Google Podcasts on desktop

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The company launched the Google favorite apps custom on the Google Play Store almost a year ago, except that this application is not available to users on the iOS platform and browser, and today the company provides Google choose a new users, where you can view all the podcast directly through the search results on the iOS platform and browser.

It is estimated that the user starts in search of a podcast-specific search results, and then will run the podcast directly on your browser or iOS platform.

Recall that this feature presented in the previous users of the platform landed before the launch of the application customized for the podcast in the Google Play Store, on the other hand, Google announced at developer conference I/O 2019 the recent proposals of the podcast will appear to the users according to the history of user research in the coming period.


I know of

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