Nubia Alpha is a smart watch you can wear like a bracelet, it works as a phone also

Nubia Alpha

Smart phones are collapsible are great because they bring the big screen to your pocket. But what if you don’t have to enter the phone in your pocket, what if you could fold it around your wrist to erase the trim?

Well, I have made a sub-brand Nubia of ZTE this dream speaks to the fact after it detects Nubia Alpha. This is a smart watch with a flexible OLED size 4 inch, was produced in collaboration with the company Visionox. Because this device is designed basically to as smart, the company will be relatively narrow and very long with the knowledge that they would also accurately 192×960 pixels.

Nubia Alpha A is already on a smart watch, they are equipped with a processor Snapdragon Wear 2100, and 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory. Moreover, this smart watch also comes with a special operating system relies on gestures, movement and interaction in the air. And as for the battery, which amount to a capacity of 500mAh, they are no longer a day or two of use.

This smart watch is unique as well come with a version that includes a SIM card e – ” eSIM ” for phone calls, connect the call to networks of the fourth generation 4G LTE. As for the other point of this smart watch, they are coupled to your smartphone via Bluetooth network and the internet via WiFi.

If you decided to give up the phone, you can use a camera of 5 megapixels for video chats and snapping photos. Just rotate your wrist to guide the camera into the correct position, there are a lot of the screen to change the viewing angle and keeping it within the scene.

Nubia Alpha comprising a structure made of stainless steel, while the coating of the screen with a polyamide heat-resistant. The gold version of this smart watch is polished in gold, 18K. As you can expect, all models of this smart watch designed to resist water and dust, has also been developed to provide all the health features the usual you would expect from a smart watch with the knowledge that it also includes sensor heart beat, and you can track your sleep.

Will be launching regular version of smart watch new Nubia Alpha in the month of April at a price of 450 euros note they will be available in black only. As for the version of eSIM, it would be 550 euros, while the version will be set in gold around 650 euros. Telecommunications company China Telecom will be the first on this smart watch in the month of April, but you will then reach Europe in the second quarter of this year, and North America in the fourth quarter of this year.

On the other hand, the brand Nubia today detects wireless earbuds Nubia Pods. Will these headphones wireless New available globally starting from April at a price of 100 euros.

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