Nubia Red Devil 2 is another smartphone that will receive 10 GB of RAM

Well, welcome to the era of 10 GB of RAM in smartphones? First Black Shark Xiaomi Mi 2 and Mix 3, and now Nubia Red Devil 2.

This gaming smartphone is still not announced but the teaser points to 10 gigs of osuji. Of course, clearly be a simpler version, but not the essence.

So, what is known about the smartphone? While not a lot. Referred to the same 10 GB, Snapdragon 845, “liquid” cooling, which always refers to conventional heat pipes, as well as some Sound system 3D and 4D Shock. I think the first relates to the normal stereo sound and the second vibration.

Judging by the picture, the design as a whole will shift from the current model of the Red Devil, and the main camera is still single. Date of announcement of the device yet.

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