Nubia send a formal invitation Conference leaders in the MWC

Company sent Nubia support of the official media channels conference hall in the conference phone world, where you can unveil a new version of phones collapsible.

Nubia MWC event invites

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Use tag sub for ZTE to detect the foldable phone or as referring to its plans to reveal the phone can be worn, to be disclosed officially in the conference on global phone that applies close to Barcelona.

The company launched the Nubia support of the official media channels with a specific time to start the conference during official events, where the invitations with the phrase Flex your Life, which refers to the new device featured a folding or flexible, where the projections indicate that the company is going to reveal her phone wearable around the wrist.

The phone appeared in the video of the trailer during the financial period, however, the projections indicate that the final design is going in the phone to markets will differ from the model that came in the video headline First.

Definitely will be a phone Nubia rollaway or wear around the wrist one of the announcements expected in the events of Barcelona, where he still has a lot of specifications for this version are not clear, also until now not clear which version will be held by telephone Nubia from the operating system landed, so we expect the official announcement to get all the details.


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