Nubia used to advertise her phone rollaway in Barcelona

Company Nubia with the launch of conference phone the world on the 25th of February, to detect the released Your of phones collapsible.

Nubia MWC 2019

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Come to the conference phone of the world event held in Barcelona this year features a major heading to flip phones or versions possible with the support of networks of the fifth generation, and nubia is one of the companies that will have a presence at this year’s conference with a new version of phones collapsible.

Has launched the nubia more than a declaration to show today to announce the date for its conference on 25 February, where indicated teaser to that phone associated with comes with a flexible OLED, to support the design of the phone measure around the wrist of the user experience alliance smart watch.

So, we expect the official announcement to buy Nubia for its technology in the new phones folding, and the specification of the level of the pricing of this version and The its launch to the market.


I know of

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