NVIDIA acquires Mellanox, in a deal worth $ 6.9 million

The company announced the NVIDIA termination of the acquisition of a company Mellanox, which works on the manufacture of the chip, which was the acquisition of $ 6.9 million.

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Known company Mellanox manufactures the chip that hosts the ethernet possible a high-speed, with networks of InfiniBand that relate to the servers, which are used in data centers, cloud storage, or that are used in the computer giant with the performance associated with the which supports the technique of artificial intelligence.

I pointed out Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia during the announcement of the acquisition, and that the rapid development of artificial intelligence has led to increased demand for data centers is evolving, which requires the development of integrated networks rely on Intelligent Systems.

Projections indicate that Nvidia is trying to stop the services of the company due to a decline which saw his company’s revenue increased by 22% during the last fiscal quarter, so headed the company during the coming period to the technique of artificial intelligence, and cloud computing services that rely on modern technologies including Android devices.


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