Nvidia announces a number of updates to the games in Computex 2019

نفيديا تعلن عن عدد التحديثات لتقنيات الألعاب في معرض Computex 2019

As is customary, the companies that provide the graphics processors focus in a large part of its work on the gaming industry and show them distinctively, which is exactly what you’re trying to Nvidia to do it at Computex 2019, which is held in Taiwan.

The company announced about the launch of the technology Quake II RTX, which will be available for download in June 6. This technique is a technique to trace rays to unify all the lighting effects such as shadows, reflections, refraction and more in a single algorithm to keep track of X which gives the result of all a number of programs; such as the program Id Software’s Quake II, which was launched in 1997.

Includes Quake II RTX three levels of mono-to play in classic PC games can be for players who already own Quake II experience the entire game as a whole, including death match multiplayer styles multiplayer co-op players, all of which follow the entire path.

The company also revealed a collaboration with Bethesda Softworks today they work together to add the techniques of the games of the next generation to the game Wolfenstein: Youngblood; of which technology NVIDIA RTX.

At the same event, the Nvidia’s announcement of its collaboration with 25 of the manufacturers of laptop computers around the RTX Studio Laptops, which adds more options for more than 100 device has been launched with a graphics card NVIDIA Turing which provides great efficiency in energy saving and improve the experience of use at the same time.

Besides, the company revealed improvements on the Chain Sword and Fairy with the previous version of Sword and Fairy 7 with the technique of tracing rays and shadows.

The company also announced about its cooperation with the Aesir Assos in the launch of LED screens Mini with the technology of G-SYNC technology to display the games better on the screens.

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