Nvidia announces the arrival of services Alexa for her Shield TV

نفيديا تعلن عن وصول خدمات أليكسا لجهازها Shield TV

The company announced NVIDIA about the arrival of the support of the Alexa for its working system is Android Shield TV in the United States; which will become this new addition to the only device with the ability to work with assistants The Voice of millions, where Will you have the Amazon Echo and of course the Google Voice product to its operating system natively.

With the help of new commands provided by the access the user will have a unique experience to several voice commands, where you will be able to run and extinguish the Shield TV in addition to volume and playback of content on and off temporarily; and the number of other commands as quick view and open other applications available on the device, which will receive the Alexa for implementation by indicating the name of the “Shield” at the end of the voice command, for example to request a lower volume to address the 50 percent it would be as follows: “Alexa, make pictures at the rate of 50% on the Shield”.

The company added that a number of additional commands will be available in the next period, as for in the case of the desire for the complete command list that are currently available take a look at the company website.

The user can process compared to Amazon Echo with the Shield TV work does require the user to log in first to calculate Nvidia’s own link to apply Amazon Alex; and then open the application and Alex and on the main menu and select the item to play, then search for the NVIDIA Shield to a TV and enabled after the selected item.

Will Nvidia on 11 November, Amazon Echo Dot of the second generation is free when you buy the user for the Shield TV across a site man or Best Buy, there will be a reduction to people who have the device that Nvidia wishes they proposed to purchase the Amazon Echo for the new services.

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