Nvidia announces the new screens the size of 65 inches and accurately 4K HDR already come with Android TV

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Announced the Nvidia Corporation today at CES CES 2018 for a new series of gaming monitors that will truly enhance your playing experience. I’m talking about the size of up to 65-inch refresh rate up to 120Hz, as well as resolution up to 4K, support for. HDR technology, Nvidia G-SYNC technology with the knowledge that they come well in advance with the system Android TV.

Request on the screens of the new games this is the short name of the BFGD, and submission of these screens through a partnership with both the Acer and Asus and HP at the moment, will be displayed to the visitors of the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2018, currently held in Las Vegas, USA this week.

Screens BFGD New of Nvidia Corporation includes a 4K with HDR backlit panel which makes them provide high brightness up to 1000 nits and full coverage for chromatography DCI-P3 for the content of the HDR. And for games, this screen provides the refresh rate up to 120Hz with Nvidia G-SYNC technology, this means that this screen will sync the refresh rate with the ability of the Graphics Card. Allows the Update rate of the variable also lock the refresh rates such as 23.976 and 25Hz to match the refresh rate of the content of the film, which reduces the temperature during the viewing. And Nvidia also that the latency is extremely low in these new screens, but she didn’t remember the number exactly. It should be noted that the screen used here will be of LCD type.


System support Android TV means you can watch content from Netflix or Youtube for example, but not limited to directly on the screen without linking them to anything. You can also download and play games directly on the system or use technology to broadcast games via the cloud Nvidia GameStream. Furthermore, this screen also comes with a separate remote hand control the games with support for the digital assistant Google Assistant.

Although this is not a TVs, the size of these screens makes them unusable really on the place but in the living room. This can be perfect for the person who says watching TV content and plays a lot of games in their own living room and wanted to get to the screen that can keep up with his needs unlike most TVs that lack a number of things such as low latency and refresh rate high.

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