NVIDIA brings a card screen Quadro RTX Ultra for laptop

The company announced NVIDIA about their plans to bring the issuance of the card screen professional Quadro RTX to the computers of mobile, where the company has succeeded in reducing the size of the Quadro RTX 5000 to support the mobile devices perform at the level of the PCs.

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Managed company Nvidia in reducing the size of the card screen possible Quadro RTX 5000 to support laptops perform the top, where the Realtek screen a number 3072 of the nuclei CUDA, and 48 of the nuclei of RT, with a ram of 6 GB RAM in GDDR6 the same growth model provided by Nvidia for desktop computer, so to support top performance in graphics and video editing.

And I started Nvidia partnership with a number of manufacturers of computers to pay the new version of the Realtek screen in the 17 is a new version, where the processing unit the graphics titled Quadro with relationship RTX Studio business in the hardware.

Nvidia also confirms that the card the screen will be the performance of the fastest 7 times of the Apple MacBook Pro possible memory random 32 GB RAM and screen Pro Vega 20 of AMD.


I know of

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