Nvidia GeForce RTX RTX 2060 and 2050 is expected to be released soon

The GeForce RTX and RTX 2080 2080 Ti will be available in the near future. While their performance can only be judged on a number of leaks, but better to wait for full tests.

However, what is clear at 100%. And it is very high. Let me remind you, the RTX 2080 starts from $ 700 and RTX 2080 Ti — $ 1,000. Here I’m relying on the tests most Nvidia, has calculated the figures and came to the conclusion that, in terms of performance for 1 dollar relative to the generation of Pascal even with their real time prices increase simply no.

In General, the cards will be expensive. RTX 2070 will also be expensive — from $ 500.

So many, especially in our countries, will have to wait for a new generation of graphics cards. According to new data, wait we will have until next year. The source claims that because of the large inventory of cards Pascal card on Turing will be delayed. Moreover, it is unclear when exactly next year will see these adapters. By the way, they may be referred to as RTX and RTX 2060 2050 and 2060 GTX and GTX 2050, because according to the rumors and logic, Junior adapters will not get hardware support of the technology of ray tracing.

In General, will have to wait for a long time, and with the prices it is unclear. Given the cost of RTX 2070, we can assume that the 2060-I will start from $ 350, and 2050-I — from 200 $ for normal and 250 Baskov — Ti. But this is only speculation.

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