Nvidia, in turn, on the test car its self-driving after the incident Uber

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As all of you probably know, it has been the policy of Uber self-driving available in an unfortunate accident last week led to the death of a pedestrian. I crashed into a car, Uber self-driving walk in the early morning of last Monday, at a speed of 40 miles per hour, resulted in the death of the pedestrian. At the time of the investigation, the company Uber to stop its fleet full of self-driving cars until the reached result. And Nvidia right now to do the same. I’ve stopped the police taking her exams to assess self-driving.

There was a driver’s safety behind the wheel of a car, Uber self-driving that caused the accident but the video released by police shows that the driver probably was distracted moments before the crash. And company’s to stop taking her exams for cars self-driving taking into account the impact of emotional to talk to the drivers of peace.

A report published recently about the existence of problems in the context of Uber’s self-driving long before the accident. However, the investigation is ongoing and did not blame it on anything until now. And now, a report from the Newswire Reuters says that the company Nvidia has decided to stop taking her exams to assess driving self-own on the global level after the fatal accident in the past week. The company was Nvidia choose the technology of self-driving in many countries including Japan, Germany, and the United States. It should be noted here that Uber is a client to buy a Nvidia because they used computing platform the core of this last in the context of its self-driving.

Will the fleet of Nvidia Global in collecting data from cars that are driving it manually for the education technology leadership self-own more until the arrival of the date to resume tests self-driving cars on public roads.



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