Nvidia is working on chip processing is based on techniques for ARM target computers hacks

نفيديا تعمل على رقاقات معالجة مبنية على تقنيات ARM تستهدف الحواسيب الخارقة

The company said Nvidia’s leading manufacturer of chips and processors for different devices, especially in the field of graphics, she works to support the processing chip New based on the design of its counterpart ARM to provide high power efficiency and save energy computer hacks known as the “super computer”.

Will Nvidia provide full support in its platforms, for chip processing of the new ARM by providing a platform of artificial intelligence on the processors at the same time help make it less energy consuming and more effective dramatically.

This agreement, Nvidia will allow its ecosystem ” ecosystem” with artificial intelligence systems, high performance computing – which, in turn, more than 600 applications based on the technical for all work environments at the end of the year, this is the platform of NVIDIA CUDA-X AI as well as library software, HPC libraries, and speed up the graphics processing of the GPU-accelerated frameworks of various tools such as OpenACC.

The executive director of Nvidia that his company will accelerate the completion of the operations significantly in this area, so that what you say will enable the devices to do a billion billion operations processed by only one second!

After this agreement between Nvidia and its counterpart ARM, the first supports the design and architecture of all company that develops and chip CPUs like ARM and Intel.

Although it is not a step of the cooperation first between the two companies as they collaborated previously in the development of The Wizard for Nintendo Switch game where there was a central processor powered graphics technologies Nvidia, but it will be the first time that the cooperation between the two companies on the development of treatments designed specifically for powerful or to be more specific, hardware hacks.

And is the Nvidia of the most powerful companies in the world in the industry of graphics processors and related technologies, alongside the techniques of artificial intelligence of your computer hardware, while the ARM of the company most influential in the development of processors because of the techniques and information developed by all the devices and companies using them in wafer processing them; and for the record, the company owned by the fund, see SoftBank, which owns Saudi Arabia’s half of its value, it has recently the creation of the development of major changes was in the support of Microsoft to address them by Windows 64, and other things.

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