NVIDIA launches initiative to develop screen games led by 65 inches and accurately 4K

NVIDIA enters the gaming world with quick steps through its new initiative to provide screens games $ 65 inches and 4K resolution HDR.

If you are a fan of games and buy a new screen I advise you to hold for a bit and see what I talked about NVIDIA because there are what might satisfy you, as the company announced through the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2018 for a new initiative with several manufacturers to provide a new series of gaming monitors of the big size.

Looking through this declaration that the manufacturer of the chip plan with quick steps toward the world of games in collaboration with its partners in manufacturing Acer Assos HP, who are supposed to provide their own copies of these screens that launches the NVIDIA name BFGD.

According to the statements of the head of Marketing GeForce, the “players expect to get high performance response time to immediate, and is even now on the screen the traditional desktop, but the screen of the BFGD will change that by bringing them the latest technologies NVIDIA, allowing users to experience their favorite games to the highest potential possible with a time delayed low”.

These screens are dedicated to the games, come to $ 65 inches and accurately 4K HDR along with having the latest technologies of NVIDIA G-Sync technology HDR, which provides immersive experience that is responsive and fun don’t compare with any experience provided by the screen of this size.

It also brings built-in capabilities platforms a smart TV, so that players can take advantage of the features of the device that Nvidia Shield is based on Android Infuse games desktop computer and access to the services of broadcast content such as YouTube and Netflix Spotify with the help of the Google Assistant.

And speaking of the rest of the specifications of the advertiser, the screens offer a refresh rate of 120 Hz effectively, the intensity of illumination of 1000 lumens, and a range of DCI-P3 color that provides the visual quality is high, it is supposed to stop this kind of young during the summer.


Source: NVIDIA launches initiative to develop screen games led by 65 inches and accurately 4K

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