NVIDIA launches teaser conference hall at Computex

Published NVIDIA Corporation teaser New “super” conference held during the events of Computex, where the projections indicate that the company is on its way to announce a new version of the series Realtek screen RTX.

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The company launched the NVIDIA video trailer on Channel GeForce on YouTube, referring to its plans to submit a special ad about a new version of the police during the events of Computex next.

Appears in the video painting metal design with logo “super”, where the projections indicate that the new version of the Ultra versions of Nvidia of Realtek screen, as the come leaks from RedGamingTech refer to Nvidia will the new version comes with a memory of 16 giga bytes per second i.e. the speed of the larger versions of the company’s existing series of the GeForce RTX that comes with the memory 14 GB per second, you are expected to come in at a higher speed by 14%.


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