NVIDIA launches the card screen GeForce GTX 1660 Ti at a starting price of $ 279

The company launched the NVIDIA latest version of Realtek screen GTX 1660 Ti, which targets computers desktop, as the start price of $ 279.


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The latest versions of NVIDIA of Realtek screen mid GTX 1660 Ti are offered by the day the company at a price starts from $ 279, to be replaced by the Realtek screen 1060, but with the performance of trying to leave the screen 1070.

The new version of the Realtek screen GTX 1660 Ti on the architecture of NVIDIA’s new that came in a series RTX, except that the GTX 1660 Ti come without technical DLSS or tracking technology rays, as this release comes with a processor TU116 the new processor Turing, but with the nuclei RT وTensor.

It also features Realtek screen GTX 1660 Ti accurately manufacture 12 nm, with 24 shader, the number 1536 of the nuclei CUDA, with a 6.6 million transistors, more than the Realtek screen GTX 1060 by 50%, as confirmed by NVIDIA that the card the screen comes improvements by 50% in performance from the previous version.

Also scheduled to come card screen GeForce GTX 1660 Ti at 12 GB per second with a memory of 6 GB in GDDR6, the 192-bit and bandwidth of 288GB/s.

It is planned to support the Realtek screen GTX 1660 Ti players perform good with a display resolution of 1080 pixels at up to 144 Hz, and in some games, including Fortnite for example, and also the Apex Legends, or accurately display 1080P with 60Hz games like Metro Exodus, the وResident Evil 2, and also the Shadow of the Tomb Raider.


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