Nvidia predicts good revenue in the third quarter, but what about mining?

15 Nov American manufacturer Nvidia must submit a report on the third quarter. Experts of the research firm Trefis predict an increase in sales of graphics processors Nvidia at the end of the third quarter of 2018. In Trefis also noted that although the overall sales of graphics cards will rise, the company’s income from cryptocurrency product line will decline further. Revenue growth will exceed 20 percent year on year.

Revenue will be primarily based on the sale of game cards that are today in great demand because of the new technology Max Q. Also, a large share sales will have on data centers with their needs in architecture Volta. Noted the growing demand for Tegra processors. According to the analysis, revenue from Tegra processors will reach the level of 490 million dollars. It will be triggered by demand for single-chip module (Automotive and System on Chip, SOC), which are used in the Nintendo game console Switch.

Despite the overall positive Outlook of the industry, the report says the decline in demand for graphics cards for mining. In addition, there may be additional costs due to new fees US for some Chinese components. According to preliminary estimates, consolidated revenue in the third quarter will be slightly less of 3.10 billion dollars, 84 per cent of which occur on the GPU. The rest of the figure will form the processors Tegra.

Source: iXBT

Recall that the main competitor Nvidia , AMD is also experiencing difficulties in selling graphics cards for mining. Probably, the overall downward trend associated with a gradual reduction in the number of miners due to the decrease of profitability of mining. On the eve of the estimated staff of the analytical company of Susquehanna, now the profitability of the production of ETH flush crept to zero.

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