Nvidia spoke out next to support its platform GeForce NOW for Android devices

نفيديا تحدد الخريف المقبل موعداً لدعم منصتها GeForce NOW لأجهزة الأندرويد

The company announced NVIDIA today that its platform live GeForce NOW Going Mobile branded by the fall of the year, to control users to access and play via the company’s servers and high-efficiency exploitation the apartments of the digital, as the measurement platform games Stadia of Google.

Statistics indicate that the players they broadcast about 30 million hours played across PC and Mac as well as for the SHIELD of Nvidia, and to the strengthening of product for Landed will increase the participation rate to record levels.

The company intends to to to the next stage will be the experience for the Android system, so that recommends that players need to use hands control working via Bluetooth technology; the fact that many PC games don’t support multi-touch.

Taking into account that gamers tend to play across the screens of large size and high precision, but is indispensable for shopping via smartphones or tablet devices which are more practical in the case of development and public spaces.

Besides the declaration of Nvidia’s support of its platform for Android, also announced the launch of servers RTX in Northern California and Germany, where have all the server 40 graphics processing unit to support broadcast games in synchrony across service GeForce NOW.

As to the services of these servers will not be limited to this purpose but will offer their services to third party companies and data centers to remote field about the wire games computerized.

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