NVIDIA stopped testing his autopilot after causing the death of an accident Uber

March 18, in a small American town in the state of Arizona, unmanned vehicle hit and killed a woman. The tragic accident led to the beginning of the investigation of this accident, to a complete ban on further testing of unmanned technologies from Uber’s throughout the USA and to high-profile litigation to which is connected a number of experts and stakeholders. Today it became known that NVIDIA, who developed the technology of self-driving, too, has suspended testing of its developments, as they were used in the autopilot Uber.

The self-driving car system developed by the company NVIDIA, tested in USA, Germany, Japan and several other countries. The achievements of the company used in their vehicles of various automakers, including Volkswagen, Tesla and Audi. In addition, with NVIDIA working for more than three hundred different companies associated with the development-driving cars, Uber is also one of them.

In the fall of 2017 NVIDIA showed a computer of its own design, capable of, according to the developers, to ensure the machine autopilot fifth level, in which the control of the person for driving a car is not required. Now the engineers at NVIDIA indefinitely suspended testing because of the tragedy. When the tests are resumed, not reported.

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