NZXT launches the update to the Series H of the fund present office in the conference Computex

Announced NZXT today during a technology conference, Computex announced the launch of new versions of the box office of the Series H where come new versions with the USB-C.

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Submitted NZXT in conference Computex Day 6 of the new versions of H series of the fund present office, where he revealed H210, the H210i, the H510, the H510i, the H710 also H710i, which join the original versions of the company.

And slip the new models of the hardware design and features glass plates in the outer structure of the fund of the situation, also added improvements to the SSD, the motherboard comes Front now the second part of the connector, USB 3.1 category C.

Also do not vary the size of the new versions of the Series H about the size of the original versions, where applicable safety case office H210 to support applications Mini-ITX, while H510 design ATX Mid-Tower is small in size, it also comes H170 box ATX Mid-Tower.

Come the new versions of the safety case in the same color scheme lighting possible for previous versions, with an external structure in black matte, white matte, with another model comes in black matte and red with.

It is scheduled to come models the” i” updates the Smart Device v2 support two lighting Hue 2 RGB, also 3 channels of fans, the air moves through the distinctive size chaF120 mm.

It also comes as a fund desktop computer with control the colors and lighting, while H510i Elit with the level of pricing of the largest with 14 mm, the terms of the special LED lighting.

Recall that the company NZXT has confirmed the launch of new versions of the series fund desktop computer for sale in the month of July, to come at a starting price of $ 80 and even $ 140 in the top of the model.


I know of

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