OBO learn about the best bump in the mobile phone

The company announced the oppo the Chinese about their new phone which belongs to the category of phones available is the “OBO F9″, andmore what distinguishes this phone fit on the bump “note” very special it is considered much smaller than the usual it in phones now.

The company will provide a small bump too contains a front camera and reduce the edges of the phone around the screen to the ratio may be zero, and the About hear his calls, or sensors that are in the top of the phone has been made by the company built on the edge of the phone without having to enlarge the size of the extrusion.

Of course, created the company oppo in the phone design its flagship “oppo FindX” , which was a separate unit integrated to the phone containing the sensors and front camera and the background appear in case of need this design was great already, but what we’re talking about now is something else, it was possible to make the extrusion part adds beauty to the design is not what we are used to it, when looking at the official pictures you will see there is no doubt that the extrusion part of the dazzling design and not something counter to it.

أوبو تعلن عن أفضل نتوء في هاتف محمول

It is considered the design of the phone is impressive from both sides in addition to the colors of the phone dazzling which provides training in painting, in case looking at it from more of an angle.

For level design the company has provided in this phone what is impressive already but for the hardware the phone as we have said, it doesn’t make flagship devices and this is due to the use of the police to find out the average performance of the company “media tech” and then my female model “P60″the screen is 1080p new dimensions 19.5:9 battery internal 3500 mA support fast shipping.

As for the rear camera is a quality 16 mega pixel camera girl lens not wider “f/1.9” camera secondary 2 mega pixel cameraand the front camera is a quality of 25 mega pixel camera for selfies as distinctive as the return of our company oppo in its phones.

The presence of a headphone output 3.5 MA and an indoor space of 64 GB, the memory is random 6 Gb protection layer of “Gorilla Glass 6” The new phone is expected to achieve a major breakthrough in sales.

Hosting company the new phone India and South-East Asia in addition to Middle East and North Africa such as Egypt and Morocco, but has not announced the price of the new phone so far.

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