OBO stresses develop for their own phones

There are a few smartphone makers who can develop their own. In fact, there are only three companies, namely Apple, Samsung and Huawei, while I tried to Shawty processor with The Surge S1, but the experiment was not successful.

It has been reported that the company Oppo Chinese in previous work on its own in the name of OPPO M1. However, instead of being a therapist is a major, he became a therapist, help to improve the energy consumption on smartphones. But now it seems that Oppo is ready to formally enter the market for smartphone processors.

Refer recent reports to the Special Assistant to the executive director of the company Oppo has shared an internal memorandum on the company level for all staff members which reveal the plan “Mariana” to develop the products themselves.

Last year, in October specifically, she mentioned the Oppo plan “Mariana” in its internal documents, and manages the technical committee for the project and former technical director at Qualcomm leading in the manufacture of processors.

For the development of processed own, the CEO revealed the OPPO at the conference on the Future Technology that the company will invest about 50 million yuan in R & D in the next three years.

Source: gizmochina

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