OBO will work a smart phone with a camera with the ability to zoom 10 times more than meets the eye the naked eye

Despite the fact that the OPPO didn’t fire technology zoom hybrid five-fold (×5), which announced last year, however, a number of rumors have affected the company’s promoters for being you’re going to release a smartphone with a camera with the ability to zoom high, according to Chinese site My Drivers that the company Oppo will hold a conference on the seventeenth of January in Beijing, China to reveal a smartphone with a camera the ability zoom (x 10) times compared to what meets the naked eye.

Was the Twitter account of the Ice Universe the competent news leaks reported at the end of last December that the company Oppo officially work on the launch of the phone with zoom Hybrid up to ten times the dimension of the visual, where it had been reported that it will launch at the Consumer Electronics Show or conference phones global MWC .

In the case of detection of the Oppo about this technique in the articles above might actually be the first company to launch a system of optical zoom of 10 times on its smart phones in the year 2019, and in particular that the market for phones need for good especially after the format specifications identical between most of the versions of the phones Last different manufacturers.

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