Obsession with social networking is affecting you more than you expect

The use of social networks has become commonplace among the people, especially when we know that major social networks have huge numbers of users, Facebook has more than 2 million active users, WhatsApp has more than half billion users, into exceeded the number of users million active users, and other social networks including Twitter and Google Plus includes hundreds of millions of monthly active users.

With all these huge numbers of users there are many questions present themselves, do you collect this huge number of users in one place will contribute to their happiness and to facilitate communication pathways between them?

And did participate in the social networks necessary?

How can these networks be wasting your time in things you may not need?

Maybe that will help us answer these questions in dealing with another, more positive with social networks.

Obsession with social networking

One of the most important reasons that attract people to enter in the world of social networking the default is that they are completely free, most of them allow the use of all its services free of charge.

It is true that some features are not free and require payment in order to get them but they are mostly non-essential and can be dispensed with without feeling the need of majority of users, in addition applications social networking easy to use and anyone can deal with a few instructions.

The other thing that makes people to fall for social networks is the content constantly renewed, and millions of accounts and pages you share content in real-time, including Political News, NEWS artists, actors, news sports and games, players, etc., so this network has become one of the most important sources of news and developments for most people.

With frequent use, may separate a person from his true reality and at the stage of addiction, even if you are of people who smile on these networks and consider them a waste of time, you may encounter difficulties of another kind, acts certainly you will find among them who use mainly, but most companies have come to depend on social networks to connect with their customers and employees, which may force you to engage with it in one way or another even if you don’t support.

Can’t restrict the use of these networks in the life around us which lead ultimately to attract users to them.

The details of our daily lives on social networks

Of beauty watch the moment our happy with others, but that this turns into problems for anything that happens in our lives has turned into something annoying, some users share the simplest things in their lives, even has up to watch cup of regular coffee!

Will repeat this to the case of not feeling the other moment except when we watch them on the web and may be the reason why the main value of our acts of fun is to share it with others.

Worse still, the participation of all the details of life routine is the documentation and dissemination of charitable activities, rather to become a work option is hidden and the target which is urged by our religion as in the hadith “a man can sincerely believe and have don’t even know the north of what spent to his right”, you’ll find of racing to publish pictures of the activity of the charity in search of Fame.

Certainly is the personal freedom guaranteed to all persons, and no one can dictate to others what they do and what they don’t do, but you should re-consider the meaning of the concept of social networking.

Mania the search for fame can make you do anything

When dealing with social networks, the stage of the addiction thing and obsession with fame is another thing, many of the users are the law and because they have thousands of followers.

The search for fame may make the user do anything, including spreading false news without checking their validity or even the mention of their interests, which may lead to the opposite results as a airtime of horror among the people or spreading false information, etc.

As well as publishing content unfamiliar or offending the habits and cultures of the community, in order to draw attention and increase follow-up, which is what we are seeing frequently in some of the content or talent good gas, which spreads from time to time.

It may happen that they are infringing on the privacy of others, the irony is that doing this stuff gets on the month often which is really confusing, and have called some other users share it unconsciously sometimes to warn them or mocking them so as to indirectly contribute to further proliferation.



Images and scenes caused in accidents and disasters

Taking selfies has become one of the daily habits in each place, but what if he posted those pictures of will bring a lot of trouble for the owners, it’s photo take pictures and share them might make you do crazy things.

When the young man to sneak to the tower of the World Trade Center in order to capture a selfie from the top of the tower to share with his friends, they were arrested for trespassing on the property and caused the arrest case about his work because he didn’t notice he was careless in his work.

Of bizarre incidents also led a famous singer to take a selfie with the lemurs which is on her shoulder in one of the localities in Thailand, this image led to know the artist accountable legal ownership is granted to the proposal of the animals.

Not limited to incidents taking selfies on the belief and accountability, some of them caused the accidents that led to death, which is what happened with one of the female tourists in Spain when they pick up a selfie from a bridge famous, but did not produce it to its steps and fell from the top of the bridge and died after that.

You got pictures we need for the activity of happiness?

Most of the people are silent during the live moment of their assembly and share it across social networks, so that some don’t enjoy those moments without her participation.

We’re not against sharing your beautiful moments at all, but let’s put some questions, Would a person happily less if he hasn’t shared those photos? Why focus a large part of the focus on taking pictures during moments of pleasure? Instead of living those moments and enjoy it in the best way possible.

In the network Instagram where they are viewing 93 million selfies every day, and social networking sites has become strongly linked, and we find difficulty in the separation between them and our real world, the more we tried to focus in our lives and our work the moment Our come the notifications on the phone to us again about these networks.

Valbonne has published details of what is happening or will happen in social networking sites more than concern of what is happening in the surrounding environment.

Research studies about the effects of social networks

I’ve always raised mania use social networks and attention of social researchers, and a large number of studies carried out by researchers in sociology from different parts of the world which is looking on the impact of social networking on our lives.

Conducted many researches about the impact of social networks on lives of people which expect many of them to that addiction to technology is much like alcoholism, smoking, and prolonged use reduces the level of happiness felt by the person and cause a lot of direct damage on people’s lives.

Most users suffer from a problem in the resistance to the force of attraction of social networks, where many studies have found a direct relationship between the use of social networks and problems such as stress and feeling anxious and depressed, how to use it before sleep exactly causes insomnia disorders during sleep.

Are we community social networks?

Definitely not, it cannot be the province of social networks and about entirely, but that these networks may be a preferred getaway for many, especially people autistic who use them to compensate for the lack of their communication with the community.

It also has significant benefits in the deployment of volunteer work and awareness campaigns in the community, and not to forget they help in identifying friends and groups that share the same interests, share ideas and see other cultures around the world.

With all that has launched numerous campaigns to boycott social networking, and this protection Assemblies of figures famous of them is the founder of Tesla Motors – Elon Musk where he called explicitly for the boycott of Facebook.

As well as the Royal Society of Health in Britain encouraged the kissing and even the province of social networks during the month of September last, it was explained that the county the opportunity to change the things that can be done instead of using the virtual networks.

The bottom line

Whether you are an addicted to social networking sites or who supports the campaign of boycott, keep these networks exist around us and relies on a lot of people entertain, trade, and accomplish their work, and many see it as a file take the best away from the negative community in the real world, but it should be use balanced with awareness of the full damages that may be caused by the long-term.

Author: Mark Mr.

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