“Oclean Air”.. brush teeth become smart

Invade technology to all aspects of our daily activities, has been achieved does not already control many aspects of our lives, We do not expect the moment on the use of technology since the Independence Day in the morning until we went to bed in the evening, because the day begins to wash our teeth brushing, it must be the brush technological masterpiece is the other, characterized by intelligence and strength.

Offers innovative just brush teeth “on air” Oclean Air their innovation for anyone who wants to brush strong teeth move and long work and the observance of health standards and the most intelligent among all Similar Products.

Brush “on air” Oclean Air is the electric toothbrush, characterized by rapid satiety for companions, which lasts on a single charge for about almost a month of use, a brush, waterproof, and made from materials healthy and safe, and are linked to the application of intelligent artificial intelligence AI to provide the best and the smartest way and most effective in cleaning.

The brush application smartphone via Bluetooth the Bluetooth, it can be through the smartphone app to choose the settings appropriate to your age, gender, your habits, your food, to brush best way to clean teeth suitable for you.

Successfully campaign financing brush teeth “on air” in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, is scheduled to hit the brush to the supporting her by next September, priced at $ 39 (about 700 pounds).

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