October 27, 2016: please Note that MacBook Pro!

The last conference in the town Hall of Apple in Cupertino in March 2016, was not the last. At the end of October of the same year, ibid, under the motto “hello again”, was another. By the way, almost the same phrase was on the screen the very first iMac during its presentation in 1998. If you ignore the comma. If it was a subtle hint, or the marketing Department after the reduction was speechless – I don’t know. As, incidentally, of whether the reduction at all.


But the event itself was so unexpected that it seemed improvised. In recent years, Apple spent exactly three events a year. And suddenly fourth. In addition, Tim has called the March event is the last event in the town Hall. And, of course, the town Hall was the only place in the world where Apple could spend all she ever used was her property.

But improvisation this event was not. Maybe had doubts that the MacBook Pro will have time to finish and debug the appointed time. Maybe by October 21. It was a momentous day for the company – but the development of war, it faced the will of Man and chaos.

I don’t think they were planning to introduce a new MacBook Pro the same iPhone 7/7+, because the public would have had to divide attention between a smartphone and a laptop, and both products were equally important. And more important than ever – the recession.

Besides, Tim said, verbatim: “perhaps here we meet for the last time”. About the fact that as soon as the last of the guests, the March events will be closed doors, teams of migrant workers with hammers and jackhammers would start to post the town Hall in the dust he did not say.

Obviously only one thing: not to introduce a new generation MacBook Pro at the highest level meant to ruin his sale. Without too much explanation and demonstration would be incomprehensible.

And the very idea, in my opinion, was delivered very well. Even better than September. Maybe I’m still wrong, and to present the new MacBook Pro was still in September – but, for technical reasons, their output moved?

Anniversary PowerBook

For 25 years, and 6 days until the event “hello again” to the public was presented the first PowerBook, the laptop is original, for the time, layout. It happened at Apple Computer, 21 October 1991, in the era of John sculley. The arrangement proved so convenient and successful that it was used by all notebook manufacturers.

PowerBook was the first laptop of Apple, in those days called laptops all laptops, self-powered – and in 1989-1990 Apple has released the Macintosh Portable, “portativny portable computer in the world.”

Perfect layout of the notebook, taking into account human physiology and the purpose of this device was invented by a group of Apple employees on their own initiative in their spare time.

Between the user and the keyboard was supposed to be a support for palms, it reduces fatigue. Therefore, the keyboard is moved closer to the screen. In the center of the support surface, the device must be equally comfortable for righties and lefties, have placed a device to control the cursor movement.

Made a layout and showed it to John sculley. Explained what was happening. Allowed to hold and play user. In the end, Scully gave in, and gave the project the green light. Even two projects in the Apple and beyond. If you are interested in details about them can be found in the article about how it was.

I will add only one more detail: in 1991 to work on the design the perfect notebook was attracted by a small company from London, Tangerine (Mandarin). Such is the fruit Alliance. From the Tangerine project was curated by one of the owners and executives Jonathan Ive.

MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air is desperately required an external display “with the term” specially designed to work with them. Modern, quality and comfortable.

Apple Thunderbolt Display is almost not changing in 2011, has long been obsolete. And 23 June 2016, its production and sale was discontinued. Cheap external displays with acceptable characteristics were many, “Apple” laptops worked with them without problems – but I wanted something “real”.

In the list of expectations from the events of October 27, the new Thunderbolt Display from Apple was one of the first places.

And it announced. It was LG UltraFine 5K Display connected to the Thunderbolt port 3 (USB-C) equipped with microphone, speakers, three USB ports a-C (which MacBook or MacBook Pro could use to connect to peripherals), in the process, among other things, a MacBook or MacBook Pro is charged from the display.

The display was developed by LG in conjunction with Apple, and 2019 was a “regular” Apple. I wonder why Apple did not do it myself?

Warm-up allowed the Apple TV and TV

If you like paradoxes, here’s another one: Apple has repeatedly referred to apps the future of TV. And now, apparently, that future has arrived. They found the app named TV, for tvOS and iOS. Or, as it was introduced, Apple TV, iPhone and iPad.

On all platforms the app look the same, and is equally himself led. The future is here!

The present tvOS was also declared successful: 8 thousand applications, of which every fourth game for “the biggest screen in the house.”

Among the authors of the software for tvOS appeared even Microsoft. This was the biggest news for the big screen. Microsoft vs Minecraft, I have no objections – just the scale of this news seemed to me inappropriate.

Apparently, the main

And yet, the main reason Apple invited journalists and almost an hour and a half riveted their attention to what is happening on stage – Touch Bar. New and fresh, the idea is very good and the implementation – level.

In it something is. In a thoughtful and consistent approach, this innovation could be very popular, and the lack of Touch Bar on specific models of motivation to replace them. But something, in my opinion, wrong.

See for yourself

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