Oculus announces a system of virtual reality Oculus Quest at a price of $ 399

This topic Oculus know about the system of a virtual reality Oculus Quest priced at $ 399 appeared on Engadget.

The company announced the Oculus on the new version of the glasses virtual reality Oculus Quest, which launches to the market in 2019 at a price of $ 399.


Use the company Oculus to offer to the market a new version of the system of virtual reality possible which apply entitled Oculus Quest.

Also according to the statements of Mark Zuckerberg, the Oculus has a vision for a virtual reality example, that feature-based system, the same system of virtual reality, designed with wireless, control virtual hands, to the side of the track the topical, to be the starting point for a new generation of system of virtual reality.

Come glasses Oculus Quest with motion controllers that mimics the Oculus Touch, along with four cameras and special wide-angle to the topical to the user to support the user’s movement through a distance of virtual in games.

It is expected that this release supports the Rift-quality, with a 50-game start. the game includes The Climb and adventure-puzzle.

It also confirms Hugo Barra Head of Oculus to Oculus Quest, designed to support games mainly, which unlike the other versions of the system of virtual reality that are geared to focus on video support.

Featuring Oculus Quest with the same specifications visual that came out Oculus Go, with the quality of the display 1600 in 1440 for each eye, except that this version adds a feature to adjust the separation distance between the lenses.

Also among the nurses that are trying to Oculus Go speaker’s built-in Oculus Quest, which supports the experience the audio surround, it is expected that with this version added improvements in the bass.

Oculus Quest also adds the advantage of movement to a distance beyond the opposite Oculus Go, with the scope of the follow-up to 4000 square feet.

In the design of the console offer Oculus the design of the buttons itself that came out of the console Rift Touch, but the change the position of the loops to the top of the hand as an alternative to the previous location at the bottom.

Expected to provide the developers of the Oculus Connect statements more precise in the coming period about the extent of the power of the software in the Oculus Quest before the launch of the glasses to the market.


This topic Oculus know about the system of a virtual reality Oculus Quest priced at $ 399 appeared on Engadget.

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