Of payment a copy of business. 6 new advantages offered by WhatsApp to its users through 2018


Continue applying im months in the world WhatsApp in asking new features and updates to improve the user experience, and this year also put forward the application of many of the new features that got some for everyone, others are still available to users in a limited number of countries in the world, below we highlight the changes and benefits the important that the application of watts August this year to users.

WhatsApp for business

With the beginning of 2018 posed WhatsApp version WhatsApp for Business, which helps the owner of the companies and institutions in interaction with their clients professionally.

WhatsApp for BusinessWhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp Payments

After months of testing, launched a WhatsApp owned by Facebook payment feature for the users of Android andIos users in a number of countries, such as India, and off the payment feature by UPI , which enables users to send and receive funds easily, the company disclosed that in order to use this feature, it should be for both the sender and the receiver the option of paying UPI.

Group description

The company has modern in features allow for the description of the group, the new feature add a description up to 500 characters, allows for each member of the group add a description or change it.

وصف الجروبDescription of the garage.

Video calls groups

Video calls available since a long time for the users of the application WhatsApp but chat to singles, and this year it will be possible to make a group video call between members of the groups.

مكالمات فيديوVideo calls

Integration with YouTube

Integration allows YouTubeusers to watch videos directly in the chat window. By clicking on the link to the video of the sender, without having to go out of the app.

Delete messages

Feature delete messages available since last year, but has been updated this year to increase the period permitted to the right to 68 minutes instead of 7 minutes only.

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