Of the new companies continue the tradition of the design of the iPhone X this time Vivo !

Not too long ago, all the companies reduced Apple and Samsung in relation to the designs of the phones, but the development of those companies and development teams of their own, however it seems that the present restriction will not stop, this time a big company has been leaking images and details of one of the phones; which looks like the iPhone X in a lot of detail, today’s modern phone Vivo V9.

الشركات تواصل تقليد تصميم الأيفون X وهذه المرة Vivo !

Companies continue to mimic the design of the iPhone X this time Vivo !

When you talk about companies such as Vivo, which is one of the branches of the Chinese company is huge with a oppo as well as oneplus, we inevitably remember the creations of this company in many fields, Keith she could draw attention, especially when they revealed the first phone carries recognition technology fingerprint built-in screen.

But it seems that the company was impressed by this time the design of the iPhone X, which is also the first smart phone carries a full screen but with a bump or a black custom for Camera sensors and special features facial recognition Face ID, which included company Vivo at her phone leaked details of a V9.

Tradition over the design of the device as well as the design of the system interface in the device itself, to include science, which is also similar to tray iPhone X, but it involved the colors used in the image device and the background and used the same colors of the iPhone X on the box of his own.

Away from tradition, the phone Vivo V9 will get the advantages of good technique are as follows:

  • Screen 6 inch 1080×2160 pixels.
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 660
  • RAM capacity of 4 GB.
  • Storage capacity of 64 GB.
  • Rear camera Double strictly 12 + 8 megapixel.
  • Dual front camera accurately 24 megapixel.
  • Battery capacity of 3250 mAh

This is far from the picture, the branch of the company vivo Indonesian has published a video trailer of the device, which is expected to be disclosed on 22 March, here is the article:

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