Official : Apple sends update to iOS 11.3

رسمياً : ابل ترسل تحديث iOS 11.3
Official : Apple sending iOS update 11.3

Official : Apple sending iOS update 11.3

Sent Apple officially yesterday’s update, the final version iOS 11.3 after a few versions of the pilot, a major update functions bring a few new features and functions .

And the version 11.3 of iOS new feature is a tool for Battery Health to show the battery status on the long term for the faith, and to inform users whether it was necessary to replace the battery . This evidence will be available for iPhone 6 and.

You can find these new settings go to Settings > battery.

Apple and the problem of the battery in the iPhone 6 and the highest

And come this new tool is a response from Apple us to investigate the ether in late 2017 and make sure that the company was choking the organs of the faith quietly, and that many of the people who have phones EVO old, enjoy performing slow their phones are amazing.

Reports specialist it’s usually considered battery Li-Ion model need replacement when you lose 20% of its capacity, usually after around 500 charge cycles, or about two years on average.

In addition to these key performance, will release a new four having Animoji new phones to the faith of X, and amendments to the application of the Apple music system pay Apple applications press and news.

You can go to Settings > General > Software update to find the update waiting for you, note that the size of his huge up to 2.18 GB, make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi and a battery device charged by reasonable.

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